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Journal Prompts for February

  1. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
  2. Who is the person you think about the most this month?
  3. Have you listed your business goals yet? If not do it this month.
  4. The weather outside is…
  5. Explain what the words love and romance mean to you.
  6. It’s heart month, what small changes are you putting in place?
  7. Is your business on track?
  8. What’s the best business tool you find most worthwhile?
  9. I love to journal because…
  10.  Do you take much stock in Groundhog day?
  11.  List two things you can do to clean out your closets to get ready for spring.
  12.  What bulbs or seeds are you going to plant this year? Pretend if you don’t have a garden.
  13.  The winter birds I love to see, and feed are…
  14.  What new clothes do you want for this spring and summer?
  15.  How many Valentine’s cards are you sending?
  16.  Find a chocolate recipe you could make this month & describe how you made it, who you shared it with and how it turned out.
  17.  How’s your product planning coming along? List out the products you plan on creating this year.
  18.  What’s your favorite topic to blog about this month?
  19.  What top qualities do you few as important in a relationship?
  20.  What’s the funniest thing you have seen people do this month?
  21.  Write about how you view your parent’s relationship.
  22.  Be truthful and describe how February really makes you feel.
  23.  What’s your favorite romantic movie to watch?
  24.  Are you sick of this crazy weather this year? Let all your feelings out!
  25.  What qualities do you love about yourself?
  26.  What family memories do you have of Pancake day, or just pancakes breakfasts in general?
  27.  What is your favorite soup?
  28.  What’s your favorite red dress or outfit that you own or would love to have?

Journal Prompts for Spring

  1. What is your perfect spring day?
  2. What flowers are you looking forward to seeing this year?
  3. Top 10 things you want for spring.
  4. A recent happy moment.
  5. Something you are grateful for?
  6. A dream that you want to put on your bucket list.
  7. How do you want to celebrate your birthday this year?
  8. A song you love to listen to at this time of year.
  9. An event you are looking forward to.
  10. Your favorite spring time color.
  11. Something you would love to redecorate in your home.
  12. A person you love.
  13. A goal to achieve in the next two months.
  14. A family story.
  15. Describe your dream flower garden.
  16. Something you forget to take with you at this time of year.
  17. Words of advice to someone younger than you.
  18. Three things you learned this week.
  19. One new health habit you want to focus on.
  20. Where you would like to travel this year.
  21. Your spring time grocery list.
  22. Your spring time wardrobe.
  23. A fantasy…
  24. Top 5 things you love about spring.
  25. How your spring will be different this year.
  26. People you want to enjoy & spend time with this spring.
  27. One thing nobody really knows about you.
  28. A favorite childhood memory that reminds you of spring.
  29. I love to …..every spring.
  30. A favorite joke or saying you never get tired of.

Journal Prompts for Summer

  1. What are you looking forward to?
  2. Your favorite summer time activity.
  3. Places you would love to visit this summer.
  4. Foods, you want to BBQ.
  5. Which friends you want to visit first this year.
  6. Anniversaries or birthdays to celebrate this summer.
  7. A quality you would like to improve upon.
  8. A summer outfit that makes you feel great.
  9. My dream is…
  10. Something you would like to learn this summer.
  11. A new food you want to try.
  12. What or who makes you feel happy.
  13. Your best song you love to listen to.
  14. A summer time goal.
  15. Your best trait.
  16. Something you dislike about summer.
  17. Favorite place to read a book.
  18. Your best idea this week.
  19. Three things you want to improve on.
  20. Best place to watch the stars on a summers night.
  21. Your inspirations.
  22. I love to walk on the …. And feel the … on my feet.
  23. Best place to go camping with friends.
  24. Enjoy a walk and pick some flowers or seashells.
  25. Write a summer memory.
  26. Create a summer time collage.
  27. What’s your favorite ice cream?
  28. Catch up with an old friend and write about it.
  29. Describe your worst habit.
  30. Your favorite iced drink this year.
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