ARE YOU A (blessed) MESS, TOO?

Honestly, we’re all a hot mess in one way or another. Sometimes we’re more of a hot mess than at other times. Lord knows I have my moments and sometimes those moments last a lot longer than I’d like.

But, we’re also all a work in progress. The key is to keep working forward. I’ve gone through times I didn’t work on myself or make progress and that leads to a downward spiral. When you realize you’ve gone that far down, you just start picking up the pieces and start again.

So, I AM a mess. I’M NOT AN EXPERT, I don’t have it all together, I’m not perfectly organized (although my husband is…mostly) and I struggle daily to keep a good mood. I have to use affirmations or journaling almost every. single. day. Otherwise, it just all falls apart. You know what I’m talking about, right? 😉

You’ll find a variety of journals, planners, printables and hopefully some useful articles to inspire and encourage you.

I’m a imperfect Christian, Musician’s Wife, Mom, Nana, Friend and Encourager. I work on this site for my own growth and benefit, probably more so than I do for others, but I pray that what I’m learning and sharing will help others in their personal development and journaling adventures.

As K.P. Stafford, I write clean romance stories with heart & hope and cozy mysteries with quirky (messy) characters.



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