1. Starting an Etsy Store for Your Journal Business – Overview
  2. Opening Your Etsy Store Account
  3. Update the Settings on Your Etsy Store
  4. Etsy Seller Fees and Other Basics
  5. Opening Your Etsy Shop and Starting Your Listing
  6. Etsy Item Listing – Part 2
  7. Etsy Item Listing – Part 3

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Welcome back. You should now be set up in terms of your profile as well as your information. And so, what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go to this top link that says, ‘Sell on Etsy’. 

Now, before we open the shop, we are going to look at the fees associated with Etsy as of the recording of this video. Now, depending on when you’re seeing this video, these numbers may change, but you’re going to see the listing fee. You’re also going to see a transaction fee as well as a 15% online ads fee. So you’re going to want to take note of how the fees work. 

It’s going to cost 20 cents in order to publish a listing to the Etsy marketplace. And again, according to Etsy, as at the recording of this video, the listing will last four months, or until the item is going to be sold. That’s when you will pay the 5% transaction fee on the sale price to Etsy.

Now, if you decide to use the Etsy payment system, you are going to also pay a 3% plus 25 cent payment processing fee when the item is going to be sold. You’re going to see during the setup process that you can accept payments in any number of ways for your Etsy store. That will mean PayPal, most of the major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay. 

Now, there is a seller handbook, which you will want to be familiar with. Now, there is a seller handbook that you will want to be familiar with here at the bottom, again, depending on when you’re seeing this video. 

Now you are going to have the opportunity to join what is called Etsy Plus, which is going to be at an additional fee as at the recording of this video. This will give you ways to customize your shop in ways that you won’t have when you use the standard version, as well as being able to get specific web addresses that are going to be consistent with your store. Now, we are going to start the process by clicking this button that says ‘Open Your Etsy Shop’. 

Okay. So, with that, thanks. And I will see you in another video.

All the best,

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